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The Skills Enhancement Program is a locally designed workforce development program that assists working, low-income individuals obtain the skills needed to compete for living wage jobs. The program assists with tuition, books, and training-related transportation and child care costs that participants could not otherwise afford.

CAP Services offers the Skills Enhancement Program to residents of Outagamie, Portage, Waupaca and Waushara counties whose incomes are at or below 150% of the federal poverty income guidelines. To be eligible, participants must be working at least 20 hours a week while enrolled, and must pursue training for occupations that pay a living wage and typically offer employer-sponsored health insurance.

See if you qualify!

Click on your county of residence to be taken to an online screening form. When you complete the form and click “send”, it will automatically be emailed to the Skills Development Manager in your county for review. If you qualify, an application will be sent to you to be completed.

Alternatively, you may download the screening form by clicking here. Completed screening forms should be sent to Amy Verhagen:

by mail to 821 E. 1st Avenue, Suite 3, Appleton, WI 54911;

by email to;

or by fax to 920-832-9566.

Before Skills Program After Skills Program
Grocery Store Clerk
$8.80 per hour
$8.80 x 25 hrs/wk. x 52 wks. =
Annual Income: $11,400
After 25 months in the Skills Program, this participant now earns $16 an hour as a Occupational Therapy Assistant and receives benefits.
New Annual Income: $33,280
$7.75 per hour
$7.75 x 25 hrs/wk. x 52 wks. =
Annual Income: $10,075
After 19 months in the Skills Program, this participant now earns $14.30 an hour as a Lab Technician and receives benefits.
New Annual Income: $29,744
Auto Service Attendant
$10.00 per hour
$10.00 x 37 hrs/wk. x 52 wks. =
Annual Income: $19,240
After 36 months in the Skills Program, this participant now earns $14.00 an hour as an Auto Diagnostic Technician.
New Annual Income: $29,120

For additional information, contact:

Amy Verhagen
Skills Development Manager
Jessica Rocha
Skills Development Manager
Jan DeVos
Skills Development Manager
715-258-9575 x216
Jan DeVos
Skills Development Manager
920-787-1422 x2227

Graduates of the Skills Enhancement program have averaged an annual increase in earnings of over $10,000.


I want to take this time to bring to your attention the exemplary service and assistance I have received in the past year from Kim Calmes. I am pursuing a degree and paying off an old loan from a previous school I attended and the first semester that I worked with Kim she helped me with some options for books and tuition.Each time I have spoken with her I have never felt second class and always have been treated with compassion and respect. In today’s world that is often hard to come by, especially when you are a person of color such as I am.

Most recently, I lost my job and had to move on top of that. Needless to say the financial situation is not the best for me. I needed some things to help me with clothing since I lost weight and my old clothes for interviewing no longer fit and Kim went above and beyond to find not only a source to obtain them but also did further digging to find resources to help me with an eye exam!

I am very pleased working with Kim and so grateful for the services that have helped me with obtaining a higher education degree to help me become self sufficient.

Thank you CAP Services, thank you to the donors of funds, and thank you Kim for being my cheerleader and helping me see a rainbow at the end of a storm.

Cynthia Cruz