Colette’s living situation became unstable when her brother, with whom she shared an apartment, needed to move out on short notice. Colette couldn’t afford the rent on her own for long, so she started to explore living options for her, her daughter, Brielle, and their pets.

Having owned a home in the past, Colette wondered if there might be an affordable way to return to homeownership.

With their three cats and a dog, apartment options were limited, and Colette and Brielle liked the idea of having their own place.

A co-worker asked Colette if she’d ever heard of CAP Services. Colette called CAP and learned about its Home Buyer and Home Rehabilitation programs.

Colette and Brielle found a 2-bedroom home in Junction City that was just what they were looking for.

“We fell in love with the place,” said Colette. Working with their lender and CAP Services, the family was able to make their homeownership dream a reality and also make necessary repairs to the home.

“We feel at peace,” she said. “We love being in a small community.”