CAP’s Board is a policy-making body consisting of 21 volunteer members.

Jan Banicki
Kathy Jo Locke
Gayle Mack
Mary Walters
Elaine Abendroth
Dan Gabrielson
Pam Her
Jason Schulist
Amy Eddy
Bob Gifford
Brett Jarman
Carol Steltenpohl
Lydia Davis
Stacey Donovan
David Johnson
Sandi Moore
Preston De Bolt
Jody Jansen
Cindy Jarvis
John Jarvis
Patrick King
  • At least one-third of CAP Services’ Board of Directors must be democratically elected representatives of the low-income population CAP serves.
  • One-third of the Board must be elected public officials or individuals designated by county boards that represent all or parts of CAP’s service area.
  • The balance of members are representatives of the private for-profit or nonprofit sectors who represent the community-at-large.
  • Board members follow CAP’s Code of Conduct.
  • Board Committees include: Executive & Personnel; Finance, Real Estate & Audit; Fundraising & Advocacy; Governance; and Planning & Evaluation.